Welcome to This Happy Planet

Hi and welcome to This Happy Planet.

So, what are we? Lots of things. You’ll find a bit of news here, and some satire, but we like recording historical events of real value, both old and current. Sensationalism and celebrity are not our thing.

Our purpose is all in the name really: This. Happy. Planet.

Planet? Well, it’s about the world. I for one really love our planet. Its geography, its history, and learning about new people and animals and so on.

Happy? We all want happiness. That’s our goal in life, but happiness means different things to different people, so we have no wish to enforce a particular belief or ideology upon you. There are plenty of shouty people out there if that’s your thing. We will have a joke from time to time though. Satire and comedy allow us to look at ourselves with a smile. It might offend or it might not. Again, that depends upon your views on happiness.

And “This”? It’s a reminder that our potentially happy planet is singular. We have one planet – Only one. Again, I’m not coming at you from an ideological or religious angle, nor even environmental. I guess my goal with choosing this word, is to remind us all to seek peace and live in peace as much as possible. With our planet. With our foes. And with ourselves. I know the world can’t be perfectly rosy, but it can be better. It doesn’t take a lot of work to make someone smile.

I’m not particularly certain what This Happy Planet will morph into over the years ahead. I haven’t ruled out world domination yet, but I do see it as my last great adventure that will define a large part of my legacy. I imagine that I will continue filling the pages with content, hopefully both interesting and challenging, until I become one with the Earth again. With luck, that is still a few decades away.

I do hope you enjoy This Happy Planet. There is a YouTube channel and merch sites associated with it as well but they are both in their infancy. I’ll add links as appropriate or relevant as/if they grow.

Welcome again, and have a brilliant day,
Andrew Thompson & Coffee the wonder dog

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