LGBTIQ | news & opinion

LGBTIQ | news & opinion

Welcome to the LGBTIQ section of This Happy Planet.

In this section of This Happy Planet, we discuss and dissect what it means to be part of the LGBTIQ+ community.

It’s not just about love or hate, and it’s definitely not about screaming on social media. Being LGBTIQ+ *BTW I really, really cringe at that acronym* should just be about acceptance. Allowing us to live our lives, openly and fully. That’s it.

The rainbow flag should mean something again, instead of just being a – once despised but now lauded – marketing tool.

I will be writing in this section with experience as a modern bisexual man *I thought I was gay for a while, but it turns out I still like both* and also as a Gen X.

I am someone from another era with stories to tell; someone who actually marched down the streets of Brisbane and Sydney, aware that each step could mean a brick to the head.

We endured real hatred, when cops were allowed to beat us and imprison us, when employers were allowed to pocket our pay then fire us, and when we could still get 10 years jail or have court-ordered electroshock therapy just for loving the wrong person.

I guess that’s what these LGBTIQ+ articles are really about – getting the community back to something real instead of pronouns and dance parties.

Sure, it will get political here, but it will also be tongue in cheek. If we can’t have a laugh at ourselves, then what’s the point of it all?

This is a new section but ever-growing. Below you will find articles, discussions, and merch links related to the topic:

I hope you enjoy the content. I encourage discussion, so feel free to add comments as you see fit on any page.

Have a brilliant day,
Andrew Thompson, editor

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