Recent Gold Discoveries

Recent gold discoveries Rockhampton 1886

Gold Discoveries near Rockhampton

(manually translated from original scan 02 Jan 2012, Andrew Thompson)

This article is sourced from The Brisbane Courier, 17 August 1886, discussing recent gold discoveries at the many established goldfields round Rockhampton.

What makes this article noteworthy is that it is the earliest report I have found that alludes to the discovery of gold at Taranganba.

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Andrew Thompson, editor | historian

Manual Translation:

The Brisbane Courier, 17 August 1886

Recent gold discoveries near Rockhampton.

SOME days since (says the Bulletin of 7th instant), a report was current in town that a valuable deposit of gold bearing stone had been found by Mr. Robert Ross, of Taranganba(h), close to his residence, and that a large price had been paid for an interest in the claim by two prominent shareholders in Mount Morgan. From what we (Bulletin) can gather the stone was first found on the surface in or near the pigsty.

Pieces of the rock were submitted to Mr. Vautin, of Mount Morgan, and that gentleman, we are informed, has stated they were equal to the richest of the stone obtained from the Mount. The assay returns are given as from 40oz to the ton, upwards. We understand there is a large quantity of stone available, and sincerely hope that further investigation will prove this to be the case. The reef, or deposit, is on Mr Ross’s private property, and that gentleman’s many friends will only be too glad find prove a “Bonanza.”

In other mining centres there is but little change since our last. The contract for raising 1000 tons of stone from the Greek reef has been let, and in about five weeks it is hoped the stampers will be at work there. The Maori machine, at New Zealand Gully, is engaged on North Star stone, and we soon shall hear what Mr. Rutherford thinks of the prospect of that reef. Nothing new has been heard from the Hector reef, and the public are beginning to ask why stone is not raised. Sinking is again proceeding in the Alabama shaft, in the Union claim. A small crushing of 22 tons, obtained in sinking, was washed up last week, resulting in a yield of 11oz 2dwt. 15gr. of retorted gold, or slightly over 10dwt. 3gr. per ton.

This yield is the best yet obtained from the claim, and shareholders are naturally somewhat elated. From latest information the reef was 5ft wide in the bottom of the shaft, but until drives have been opened out east and west, it will be impossible to give an opinion as to its future prospects. If the present stone is of great extent the success of the mine is assured, as half an ounce per ton, with a 5ft reef, will pay handsomely. It is intended to continue sinking for some time longer, and then to drive and stope.

Steady work is proceeding in various other claims on the Crocodile, but nothing new has been reported, nor is there anything fresh from the Dee, Morinish, or Rosewood.

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