History of Australia

Sydney Australia early 1800s

Let me be clear from the outset – I am not trying to record the entire history of Australia; only the bits that catch my eye, and those that perhaps are lesser known or under-reported.

As mentioned on other pages here, I am a passionate historian, but alas, after nearly 60 years on this rotating ball, I am yet to find the sense – or indeed to hope for the sense, to specialise in any particular historical field.

It is fair to say then that when I die, my mission to record all the wonderful histories of this world, will fail. I can only hope to bring you some of it, and with luck, to make it interesting enough for you to put up your feet for a few hours, with a coffee or beer, and share the journey.

As an Australian, naturally I have a strong interest in our past and future. As someone of European ancestry, I love reading about the progress and challenges, successes and crimes, of our collective predecessors.

And as someone of Aboriginal blood, a man of the Gooreng Gooreng peoples, I love to learn of the things I am made. I love my spirit, I love country, I love Australia, the land and the seas beyond. I feel connected to everything.

Reference sources

I like to extract history from as close to the source as possible, i.e. from people who lived it, from newspaper articles of the day, from library records, and museum displays. I frequently translate old records in the National Library of Australia, and raid the digitally preserved marvels of our many great museums.

My aim is to provide concise and clear reporting, and to encourage you to look further if a particular subject touches you. I find the study of history constantly enriching, and I hope you enjoy the articles I’ve gathered so far.

You can find the full collection of Australian history below. It will continue to evolve over the months and years ahead, no doubt until I pop my clogs and join my ancestors in the sky.

Have a brilliant day,
Andrew Thompson, editor | historian

History of Australia Articles

Australia’s first coin – the 1813 Holey Dollar

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