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Rockhampton flood 1918 historical photo

Welcome to the history section of This Happy Planet.

As an avid historian, with a keen mind for geopolitics and geography, both locally and around the world, I do a heck of a lot of research and reading.

Inevitably, it follows that I end up writing articles to summarise or combine that information for other scholars, researchers, and the general public so others can get excited about the past too 😊

Also, this is a new site and it will inherit content from my old history channel – a big shout out to my followers from the A J Thompson site – so a lot of initial content will be articles concerning my local Central Queensland area. This will expand over time, especially now that I have added World Affairs to the site’s offerings and have YouTube hooked up as well.

This will end up being the largest section of the THP website, so to make things findable, it is broken up into four sections:

I hope you enjoy the historical content on This Happy Planet. I encourage discussion and enjoy seeing people use and reuse my work, so feel free to add comments as you see fit on any page.

Have a brilliant day,
Andrew Thompson, editor | historian | adventurer

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