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Sunrise, Yeppoon Main Beach


Located in Central Queensland, 40 kms northeast of Rockhampton, and 20 kms north of Emu Park. Yeppoon is the largest town on the Capricorn Coast with approximately 10,000 people living in its boundaries.


The shopping districts of Yeppoon have good representation from some national retailers. All of life’s essentials can be found in Yeppoon along with many specialty shops, and Rockhampton is only 25 minutes away.

Main Beach features the Keppel Kraken, which is a children’s waterpark play area. Further down towards Ross Creek is the Yeppoon Lagoon, a man-made leisure area, extremely popular with locals and tourists alike.

Keppel Bay Sailing Club is a popular beachfront venue for meals, plus there are many quality restaurants and takeaways down James Street.


Settlers arrived at Yeppoon and other areas of the Capricorn Coast soon after the settlement of Gracemere, Rockhampton and Mount Morgan. To save duplication here, you might enjoy the articles Early History of the Capricorn Coast and Early Settlement of Rockhampton.


Yeppoon is the seat of local government for Livingstone Shire. The council is going through a process of reinvention since Livingstone Shire broke away from Rockhampton Region in 2014. As such, the ‘suburb boundaries’ and populations can and do vary from one source to the next.

Beyond Yeppoon, the greater Capricorn Coast region, which is located within Livingstone Shire, is also growing in general. This has been especially evident post-pandemic with many southerners moving to Central Queensland.

The effect of this growth means that several of Yeppoon’s nearby localities have expanded to the point of become land locked against each other, forming in essence ‘suburbia’.

As a result, at some future point, Livingstone’s re-invention will perhaps see the neighbouring localities become suburbs of Yeppoon. However, there has been some reticence among locals in the past, especially in more upmarket localities such as Lammermoor, Barlows Hill, and Pacific Heights.

For now though (March 2022), the town of Yeppoon is bounded in the south by the contiguous localities of Cooee Bay, Taranganba, Taroomball, and Hidden Valley, in the west by Barmaryee and Inverness, and north by Meikleville Hill, Barlows Hill, Pacific Heights and Farnborough.

Also for the time being, I will include some of the facilities of these adjoining ‘suburbs’ here on the Yeppoon page, as the surrounding localities may not warrant a page of their own yet.

Photo Gallery: Yeppoon ~ Farnborough Beach

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