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Woodbury Wetlands, north of Yeppoon 2012

Iwasaki & Woodbury Wetlands

Just north of Yeppoon on the Capricorn Coast lie thousands of hectares of wetlands and rainforest, which provides a breeding ground and home to native birds and wildlife.

Surrounding the townships of Farnborough and Woodbury, this magical ecosystem of forests and marshes extends to Corio Bay and Byfield.

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Accessing the Wetlands

The wetlands can be accessed from several points along the Yeppoon-Byfield Road. Kelly’s Landing Road and Sandy Point Road through the back of Mercure Resort are the best access points.

In dry conditions, the roads are accessible by 2WD but the roads are very rough. In some places, tides and rainwater runoff can quickly cut roads, so 4WD’s are recommended.

Note that since the closure of the Mercure Resort, which leased the Iwasaki property, the resort’s wetlands and support roads have not been maintained. Capricorn Coast Landcare Group are currently (March 2022) listing the Iwasaki Wetlands as closed.

Definitely check road conditions before heading off to explore any of the wetland areas and also check to make sure you have permits etc where needed.

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