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Hedlow Creek

Lake Mary & Hedlow Creek

Hedlow Creek is a freshwater tributary that runs parallel but inland to Yeppoon-Rockhampton Road. Access from Ironpot is via Artillery Road or Old Byfield Road.

If coming from the Bruce Highway, turn onto Greenlakes Road at Rockyview, continue to Sandringham then onto Lake Mary Road just before Henderson’s Retreat.

The area falls within the LGA borders of Livingstone Shire Council.

Part of a large network of lagoons, marshlands and channels, Hedlow Creek connects to Lake Mary and Serpentine Lagoon during rainy seasons. During flash flood events, these waters can cut Yeppoon Road near Baga (Mt Jim Crow).

East of Hedlow Creek is a cluster of odd-shaped mountains and hills, of which Baga is one. These mountains are trachyte plugs, the remnants of un-ejected lava from long-dead volcanoes. The outsides of the volcanoes eventually eroded but the insides didn’t because the rock is harder.

The unusual landscape, surrounded by almost year-round greenery can seem surreal during droughts when only a few kilometres away the terrain is dry and brown.

Near the base of one of these hills, Lake Mary Roads passes between the creek and mountain, creating a natural flat area set aside as a reserve for public use.

For much of the creek’s journey, it passes through private properties. Please obey any signs to keep out of certain areas. If granted access, respect the facility and take your rubbish with you when you leave.

Camping at Hedlow

Hedlow is open for day use, and occasionally camping may be allowed. This rule seems to change quite frequently in response to hoons periodically breaking the rules, e.g. bogging 4x4s in the creek etc or starting bonfires.

Again, if the camping rules are relaxed, please respect the facility.

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