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Causeway Lake | CQ Towns & Places

The Causeway

Causeway Lake, or just ‘The Causeway’ to locals, is sandwiched between Mulambin and Kinka, on the Scenic Highway linking Emu Park and Yeppoon.

The lake is a man-made feature, formed by the bridge that crosses Mulambin Creek, which allows fresh salt water in on the high tide. The bridge was built after World War II to connect the north and south ends of the Capricorn Coast, and to help provide returned diggers with a job.

Nowadays, the lake provides a safe swimming area for families on the landward side of the bridge, with most of the water being shallower than waist deep, while providing a steady flowing channel on the seaward side for anglers.

The Causeway has a takeaway, caravan park, and boat hire. Boat ramps are located on both sides of the lake. Jet skiing is also popular on the Kinka side of the lake.

Behind the lake, where Mulambin Creek follows its natural course, the relatively new suburb of Mulambin Waters backs onto the waterway, with a dock for fishing and entertaining.

Accessing Causeway Lake

Causeway Lake can be reached from both the Kinka and Mulambin sides of the lake. Both access points run off the Scenic Highway. A third parking area is on the landward side on the northern end of the bridge, which gives direct access to the seaward channel and also to the walking trails over Pinnacle Point.

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