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Welcome to the geography section of This Happy Planet.

I love geography. Along with history, it’s one of my favourite things, and indeed they go hand in hand. From ancient times, even the prehistoric, to what’s happening this week around the world, geography and geopolitics are my thing, and they all work so nicely together.

On this new site (March 2022), I’ve had the luxury of learning from past mistakes in regard to how I set things up. In the past, I lumbered geography and history together which got very messy.

So, this time it’s separate, but logically linked so you can jump from one section to the other and hopefully find your way back without too much confusion. As with the History section of the site, I’ve divided Geography into three sections:

As I mentioned earlier, this is a new site and I am doing all the research and content creation without assistants, so please be patient while I work through all my accumulated material and make new articles for the site.

I hope you enjoy the new geography section on This Happy Planet. I encourage discussion and enjoy seeing people use and reuse my work, so feel free to add comments as you see fit on any page.

Have a brilliant day,
Andrew Thompson, editor | historian | rogue for hire

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